Endoprhin high

Hello. Happy Monday friends.
Today was the usual with work and then I went to a yoga class taught in a park around here. Weather was beautiful and I was able to work on my tan as I worked on my downward dog! Perfect combination. Yoga has been so therapeutic and helpful!

When I got home I was somehow in the mood for more so I went for a run. Living in the country you get the most amazing trails and paths to run on. I discover new things and different ways every time. It felt amazing to get the endorphins pumping. They work wonders!! Right?! Came back and lifted a few weights!

My grandpa is here for a visit from Ontario. Got to catch up a bit and watch Catching Fire. Am I the only one in this world who hadn’t seen it yet? It was fantastic as I suspected!

Sorry this is so wordy and zero pictures! Still trying to figure blogging out but let’s get through this phase together!

Til next time




How was your Monday?

Did you get those endorphins pumping?

Any advice for new bloggers?!

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